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Layette Girls 0-9m

Layette girls clothing and accessories
Layette girls clothing and accessories
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Here are all the products in this category:
 Haute Baby- "Flitter Flutter" cap
Haute Baby "Flitter Flutter" cap
$ 19.00
 Haute Baby- "Flitter Flutter" criss cross set
Haute Baby- "Flitter Flutter" criss cross set
$ 58.00
 Haute Baby- "Va Va Bloom" cap
Haute Baby "Va Va Bloom" cap
$ 19.00
 Haute Baby- "Va Va Bloom" crochet cap
Haute Baby- "Va Va Bloom" crochet cap
$ 18.00
 Haute Baby- "Va Va Bloom" gown
Haute Baby "Va Va Bloom" gown
$ 50.00
 Haute Baby- "Va Va Bloom" swing set
Haute Baby "Va Va Bloom" tunic set
$ 62.00
 Haute Baby- " Va Va Bloom" blanket
Haute Baby- " Va Va Bloom" blanket
$ 46.00
 Haute Baby- " Va Va Bloom" criss cross set
Haute Baby- " Va Va Bloom" criss cross set
$ 58.00
 Purrfect- "Chloe's Bouquet" bubble
Purrfect "Chloe's Bouquet" bubble
$ 50.00
 Mud Pie- "Ornament & Tree" bloomers
Mud Pie "Ornament & Tree" bloomers
$ 12.99
 Mud Pie- "Santa" leg warmers
Mud Pie "Santa" leg warmers
$ 10.00
 Mud Pie- "Santa" tights
Mud Pie "Santa" tights
$ 18.00
 Mud Pie- "Mary Jane" sock set
Mud Pie "Mary Jane" sock set
$ 10.99
 le top- layette "Rosette" dress
le top "Rosettes" dress
$ 26.99
 Haute Baby- "Party Time" tutu set
Haute Baby "Party Time" tutu set
$ 29.99
 Purrfect- "Sweet Thing" diaper set
Purrfect "Sweet Thing" diaper set
$ 50.00
 Purrfect- "Sweet Thing" daisy headband
Purrfect "Sweet Thing" daisy headband
$ 14.00
 Mud Pie- "Mommy & Me" frame
Mud Pie "Mommy & Me" frame
$ 16.00
 Bearington- "Wiggles" pacifer clip
Bearington "Wiggles" pacifer clip
$ 8.00
 Darling Droolers- "Pink Dots" burp set
Darling Droolers "Pink Dots" burp set
$ 29.00
 Country Kids- "Rhumba" ruffle tights
Country Kids "Rhumba" ruffle tights
$ 15.00
 Haute Baby- "Jungle Love" pink cap
Haute Baby "Jungle Love" pink cap
$ 15.00
 Haute Baby- "Red" headband
Haute Baby "Red" headband
$ 14.00
 Haute Baby- "Cozy Rosie" blanket
Haute Baby "Cozie Rosie" blanket
$ 42.00
 Mud Pie- "Zebra" maryjanes
Mud Pie "Zebra" maryjanes
$ 16.00
 Mud Pie- "Zebra" socks
Mud Pie "Zebra" ruffle socks
$ 8.00
 Mud Pie- "Giraffe" socks
Mud Pie "Giraffe" ruffle socks
$ 8.00
 Mud Pie- "Wild Child" giraffe bib
Mud Pie "Wild Child" giraffe bib
$ 15.00
 Mud Pie- "Wild Child" giraffe bloomers
Mud Pie "Wild Child" giraffe bloomers
$ 17.00
 Mud Pie- "Wild Child" giraffe boots
Mud Pie "Wild Child" giraffe boots
$ 27.00
 Haute Baby- "Zebralicious" headband
Haute Baby "Zebralicious" headband
$ 14.00
 Haute Baby- "Flower Power" swing set
Haute Baby "Flower Power" swing set
$ 25.99
 Moo Boos- "Lollipop Daze" baby set
Moo Boos "Lollipop Daze" baby set
$ 39.99
 Baby Deer- Ivory dress shoe
Baby Dear ivory dress shoe with bow
$ 20.00
 Baby Deer- Pink dress shoe
Baby Dear pink leather dress shoe
$ 26.00
 Baby Deer- White leather shoes
Baby Deer white leather flower shoes
$ 26.00
 Baby Deer- "White Espadrille
Baby Deer "White Espadrille
$ 19.99
 Baby Deer- "White Eyelet" sandal
Baby Deer "White Eyelet" sandal
$ 19.00
 Haute Baby- "Jungle Love" pink jacket
Haute Baby "Jungle Love" pink jacket
$ 42.00
 Haute Baby- "Leopard" set
Haute Baby "Leopard" set
$ 34.99
 Haute Baby- Jungle Love bloomer set
Haute Baby Jungle Love bloomer set
$ 45.00
 Haute Baby- "Jungle Love" pant set
Haute Baby "Jungle Love" pant set
$ 50.00
 Haute Baby- "Jungle Love" pink blanket
Haute Baby "Jungle Love" pink blanket
$ 36.00
 Haute Baby- "Jungle Love" pink booties
Haute Baby "Jungle Love" pink booties
$ 16.00
 petit ami- Pink smocked dress
petit ami pink smocked baby dress
$ 19.99
 Minnies- "Pink Plaid" sneakers
Minnies "Pink Plaid" sneakers
$ 25.60
 Toni Tierney- "Beach Umbrella" set
Toni Tierney "Beach Umbrella" capri set
$ 38.99
 Toni Tierney- yellow floral dress
Toni Tierney yellow apron dress
$ 29.99
 Jefferies- "Maryjanes" socks
Jefferies "Maryjanes" socks
$ 5.00
 Jefferies- Girls Christening socks
Jefferies girls white christening socks
$ 8.95
 Jefferies- Lace Rhumba tights
Jefferies lace rhumba tights
$ 9.95
 Jefferies- Lace socks
Jefferies lace socks
$ 6.00
 le top- "Deep Blue Sea" fish dress
le top "Deep Blue Sea" fish dress set
$ 19.99
 Zutano- "Flower Show" kimono top
Zutano "Itsy Bitsy" Flower Show kimono
$ 14.99
 Zutano- "Sugar Blossom" hat
Zutano "Itsy Bitsy" Blossom hat
$ 9.00
 Zutano- "Sugar Blossom" legging
Zutano "Sugar Blossom" printed legging
$ 9.99
 Zutano- Fuschia legging
Zutano fuschia basic legging
$ 9.99
 Zutano- Pink fleece pants
Zutano pink fleece pants
$ 13.99
 Bearington- "Leopard" booties
Bearington "Leopard" booties
$ 14.00
 Bearington- "Mommy to Be" bear
Bearington "Mommy to Be" plush bear
$ 12.00
 Bearington- "Bundle of Joy" bear
Bearington "Bundle of Joy" plush bear
$ 12.00
 Bearington- "Hippity" blanket
Bearington "Hippity" blanket
$ 27.00
 Baby Tales- Girls layette gift set
Baby Tales girls layette gift set in tulle bag
$ 25.00
 Baby Stuart- Flower bib
Baby Stuart yellow 3-D flower bib
$ 9.00
 Tickle Toes- "Aqua Roses" burp set
Tickle Toes "Aqua Roses" burp cloth set
$ 25.00
 Wee Ones- Bow headband
Wee Ones organza bow headband
$ 10.00
 Wee Ones- Grossgrain bow wrap
Wee Ones grossgrain bow headwrap
$ 9.00
 Wee Ones- Organza bow bands
Wee Ones double stacked organza bow bands
$ 13.00
 Wee Ones- Satin bow lace headband
Wee ones satin bow on lace headband
$ 7.00
 Pediped- "Giselle
Pediped "Giselle
$ 32.00
 Pediped- "Grace
Pediped "Grace
$ 32.00
 Best of Chums- "Onesie sets
Best of Chums "Onesie sets
$ 25.00
 Zutano- Basic Leggings
Zutano "Itsy Bitsy" solid leggings
$ 12.00
 Zutano- "Itsy Bitsy" caps
Zutano "Itsy Bitsy" printed caps
$ 9.00
 Willbeth- Infant white cardigan
Willbeth white knit infant cardigan
$ 26.00
 Willbeth- "Scalloped" cardigan
Willbeth "Scalloped" cardigan
$ 24.00
 Willbeth- "White" cardigan
Willbeth "White" cardigan
$ 24.00
 Will'beth- White bolero sweater
Will'beth short white bolero sweater
$ 28.00
 Will'Beth- Floral cardigan
Will'Beth white floral embroidered cardigan
$ 28.00
 Will'beth- Knit white cardigan
Will'Beth white cardigan
$ 28.00
 Mullins Square- "Flower" bib
Mullins Square "Flower" bib
$ 16.00
 Mullins Square- "Mermaid" bib set
Mullins Square "Mermaid" bib set
$ 16.00
 Mullins Square- Beach bib set
Mullins Square beach bib set
$ 16.00
 Mullins Square- Flowers diaper cover
Mullins Square flower bouquet diaper cover
$ 15.00
 No Slippy Hair Clippy- "Yolanda" cherries
No Slippy Hair Clippy "Yolanda" cherries
$ 10.00
 No Slippy Hair Clippy- Santa
No Slippy Hair Clippy Santa
$ 9.00
 Sweetie Pie- "Pink Lace" dress
Sweetie Pie "Pink Lace" dress set
$ 65.00
 Sweetie Pie- "Pink & ivory" dress
Sweetie Pie "Pink & ivory" dress set
$ 49.99
 Wee Ones- "Ladybug" bow
Wee Ones "Ladybug" bow
$ 8.00
 Wee Ones- "Flower" bow
Wee Ones "Flower" bow
$ 8.00
 Will'beth- White knit cardigan
Will'beth white knit cardigan
$ 40.00
 Will'beth- White rosette shoes
Willbeth white rosette shoes
$ 25.00
 Adorable Originals- "Aunt" tee
Adorable Originals "Aunt" tee
$ 9.99
 Baby Deer- "Brown Velvet" shoe
Baby Deer "Brown Velvet" shoe
$ 20.00
 Baby Deer- "Brown" silk shoes
Baby Deer "Brown" silk shoes
$ 18.00
 Baby Deer- "Gold" shoes
Baby Deer "Gold" shoes
$ 22.00
 Baby Deer- "Pleated Floral" shoe
Baby Deer rosette shoe
$ 20.00
 Baby Deer- "Polka Dot" sneaker
Baby Deer "Polka Dot" sneaker
$ 13.99
 Baby Deer- "Silver" sandal
Baby Deer "Silver" sandal
$ 16.99
 Baby Deer- "Tweed" shoe
Baby Deer "Tweed" shoe
$ 20.00
 Baby Deer- "White" leather sandal
Baby Deer "White" leather sandal
$ 26.00
 Bows Arts- Infant Bermuda bows
Bows Arts "Bermuda Colors" on Infant clippie
$ 5.00
 Dee Givens- "Auntie Loves Me" girl bib
Dee Givens "Auntie Loves Me" girl bib
$ 12.00
 Dee Givens- Great Grandma flower bib
Dee Givens Great Grandma girl bib
$ 12.00
 Dee Givens- "Uncle" girl bib
Dee Givens "Uncle Loves Me" girl bib
$ 12.00
 Dressed to Drool- Aunt girl bib
Miniclasix- "My Aunt Loves me" bib
$ 11.00