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Baby Clothes

Little Dragonflies is a distributor of baby clothes.

Little Dragonflies is a distributor of specialty childrens clothing.Brands we carry include Sweet Potatoes, New Potatoes, SPUDZ, Peaches ‘n Cream and Flap Happy.

Baby Clothes

Here are all the products in this category:

 Agabang- penguin pant set

Agabang yellow & grey pant set

$ 32.00

 Agabang- navy truck set

Aganang navy truck set

$ 32.00

 Agabang- football sweatshirt jacket

Agabang football sweatshirt jacket

$ 20.00

 Agabang- denim jeans

Agabang denim jeans

$ 20.00

 Agabang- leopard pant set

Agabang 2pc. leopard pant set

$ 36.00

 Agabang- dinosaur overall set

Agabang 2pc. dinosaur corduroy overall set

$ 36.00

 Agabang- scotty pant set

Agabang scotty 2pc. pant set

$ 28.00

 Agabang- Purple hearts jumper set

Agabang purple hearts jumper set

$ 34.00

 Agabang- Purple hearts hat

Agabang purple hearts hat

$ 12.00

 Agabang- pink flowers pantset

Agabang pink flowers pantset

$ 26.00

 Boys ‘n Berries – Airplane knit romper set

Boys ‘n Berries airplane knit romper set

$ 47.00

 Boys ‘n Berries- Blue & white check shortall

Boys ‘n Berries blue and white check shortall

$ 34.00

 Boys ‘n Berries- Blue corduroy suit

Boys ‘n Berries blue corduroy suit

$ 43.00

 Boys ‘n Berries- Blue crab sunsuit set

Boys ‘n Berries blue crab sunsuit set

$ 34.00

 Boys ‘n Berries- Blue shortall

Boys ‘n Berries blue shortall

$ 38.00

 Boys ‘n Berries- Green & white striped romper set

Boys ‘n Berries green and white striped romper set

$ 40.00

 Claver- train sweater

Claver train sweater

$ 35.00

 Flap Happy- “Paradise Palms” fit and flare dress

Flap Happy “Paradise Palms” coverup

$ 22.00

 Flap Happy- “Paradise Palms” swimsuit

Flap Happy “Paradise Palms” swimsuit

$ 32.00

 Flap Happy- “Pink Petals” fit and flare dress

Flap Happy pink flowers fit and flare dress

$ 22.00

 Flap Happy- “Pink Petals” floppy hat

Flap Happy pink flowers floppy hat

$ 14.00

 Flap Happy- “Pink Petals” swimsuit

Flap Happy pink flowers swimsuit

$ 32.00

 Flap Happy- “Sage Seahorses” fit and flare dress

Flap Happy “Sage Seahorses” fit and flare dress

$ 22.00

 Flap Happy- “Sage Seahorses” suit

Flap Happy “Sage Seahorses” suit

$ 32.00

 Flap Happy- Bugs and blooms fit and flare dress

Flap Happy bugs and blooms fit and flare dress

$ 22.00

 Flap Happy- Dino swim shorts

Flap Happy dino swim shorts

$ 20.00

 Flap Happy- Leopard floppy hat

Flap Happy leopard floppy hat

$ 14.00

 Flap Happy- Leopard fit and flare dress

Flap Happy leopard swing dress

$ 22.00

 Flap Happy- leopard swimsuit

Flap Happy leopard swimsuit

$ 32.00

 Flap Happy- navy swim shorts

Flap Happy navy swim shorts

$ 22.00

 Flap Happy- Plaid navy swim shorts

Flap Happy plaid navy swim shorts

$ 20.00

 Gita Accessories- blue chenille sweater set

Gita Accessories lt. blue chenille sweater hat

$ 65.00

 Gita Accessories- chenille sweater set

Gita Accessories navy chenille sweater set

$ 75.00

 Kaboo- Mauve corduroy flower pants

Kaboo mauve corduroy flower pants

$ 24.00

 Kaboo- poodle skirt

Kaboo poodle skirt

$ 22.00

 Kaboo- poodle jumper

Kaboo poodle jumper

$ 34.00

 Kaboo- Purple flower shirt

Kaboo purple flower shirt

$ 16.00

 Kaboo- Green video game shirt

Kaboo green video game shirt

$ 17.00

 Kaboo- Plaid green flannel shirt

Kaboo plaid green flannel shirt

$ 22.00

 Kaboo- Denim jeans

Kaboo denim jeans

$ 25.00

 Kaboo- Flower jumper set

Kaboo flower jumper set

$ 41.00

 Kidzcloz-“Suzy Sweet Tooth” denim pant set

Kidzcloz denim pants set

$ 52.00

 Little Chums-layette set

Little Chums 3pc layette set

$ 40.00

 marimekko firetruck overall set


$ 36.00

 Marimekko- bear pant set

Maremekko 2pc. bear pant set

$ 30.00

 marimekko- button top

marimekko blue zoo animals button top crop

$ 24.00

 Marimekko- dino pant set

Maremekko 2pc. dinosaur pant set

$ 25.00

 Micromotion- peach fleece set

Micromotion peach fleece set

$ 26.00

 Minemotion- bears&boats jacket

Minemotion bears & boats jacket

$ 34.00

 Minemotion- denim jumper set

Minemotion denim jumper set

$ 34.00

 minibasix- bear footie

minibasix blue bear footie

$ 30.00

 minibasix- heart footie

minibasix turquoise fringe heart footie

$ 30.00

 minibasix- truck pant set

Minibasix 2pc. truck pant set

$ 46.00

 Minibasix- varsity baby set

Minibasix varsity baby set

$ 28.00

 MINICLASIC- knit coverall

MINICLASIC pink knit overall set

$ 40.00

 Miniclasix- fuzzy giraffe set

Miniclasix fuzzy giraffe set

$ 40.00

 Miniclasix- pink velour footie

MIniclasix pink velour footie

$ 34.00

 New potatoes- “itty bear” set

new potatoes sweater and pant set

$ 65.00

 new potatoes- padded suit

New Potatoes “Beep Beep” padded suit

$ 45.00

 new potatoes-“ready teddy” overall set

new potatoes “ready teddy” overall set

$ 36.00

 new potatoes-overall set

New Potatoes “Beep Beep” overall set

$ 38.00

 Peaches ‘n Cream – pink linen dress

Peaches ‘n Cream pink linen sweater dress set

$ 58.00

 Peaches ‘n Cream- aqua dress

Peaches ‘n Cream aqua dress

$ 65.00

 Peaches ‘n Cream- Battenburg lace pink dress set

Peaches ‘n Cream battenburg lace pink dress set

$ 54.00

 Peaches ‘n Cream- Birthday dress

Peaches ‘n Cream birthday dress

$ 50.00

 Peaches ‘n Cream- blue gingham dress

Peaches ‘n Cream blue gingham dress

$ 42.00

 Peaches ‘n Cream- coat dress set

Peaches ‘n Cream coat dress set

$ 70.00

 Peaches ‘n Cream- Green & white striped dress set

Peaches ‘n Cream green and white striped dress set

$ 58.00

 Peaches ‘n Cream- hot pink floral dress set

Peaches ‘n Cream hot pink floral dress set

$ 45.00

 Peaches ‘n Cream- lace velvet baby dress

Peaches ‘n cream burgundy velvet baby dress

$ 50.00

 Peaches ‘n Cream- lilac silk dress

Peaches ‘n Cream lilac silk dress

$ 52.00

 Peaches ‘n Cream- mauve dress

Peaches ‘n Cream mauve dress

$ 60.00

 Peaches ‘n Cream- pink corduroy dress

Peaches ‘n Cream pink corduroy dress

$ 46.00

 Peaches ‘n Cream- pink/green rosette dress

Peaches ‘n Cream pink and green rosette dress

$ 68.00

 Peaches ‘n Cream- sage green dress

Peaches ‘n Cream sage green dress

$ 50.00

 Peaches ‘n Cream- yellow knit top dress

Peaches ‘n Cream yellow knit top dress

$ 45.00

 Rumble Tumble- Floral onesie set

Rumble Tumble pink onesie set

$ 26.00

 Rumble Tumble- Snails onesie set

Rumble Tumble snail onesie set

$ 26.00

 Sweet Potatoes- flower all-in-one

Sweet Potatoes “Button Blossoms” all-in-one

$ 50.00

 Sweet Potatoes- romper set

Sweet Potatoes “Flutter Bug” romper set

$ 52.00

 Two turtle doves-smocked jumper set

two turtle doves jumper set

$ 62.00

 Two turtle doves- tulip dress set

two turtle doves tulip dress set

$ 56.00