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Haute Baby Spring 2015


Christmas clothing and accessories

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Here are all the products in this category:

 Haute Baby- “Party Time” tutu set

Haute Baby “Party Time” tutu set

$ 29.99

 Haute Baby- “Red” headband

Haute Baby “Red” headband

$ 14.00

 Haute Baby- “Holiday Chic” dress

Haute Baby “Holiday Chic” dress

$ 29.99

 Haute Baby- “Holiday Magic” bow dress

Haute Baby “Holiday Magic” bow dress

$ 29.99

 Haute Baby- “Velvet Rose” dress

Haute Baby “Velvet Rose” dress

$ 34.99

 Mud Pie- “Mary Jane” sock set

Mud Pie “Mary Jane” sock set

$ 10.99

 Mud Pie- “Argyle & Tree” sock set

Mud Pie “Argyle & Tree” sock set

$ 10.99

 Mud Pie- “Ornament & Tree” bloomers

Mud Pie “Ornament & Tree” bloomers

$ 12.99

 Mud Pie- “Santa” corduroy pant set

Mud Pie “Santa” corduroy pant set

$ 17.99

 Mud Pie- “Santa” leg warmers

Mud Pie “Santa” leg warmers

$ 10.00

 Mud Pie- “Santa” tights

Mud Pie “Santa” tights

$ 18.00

 Isobella & Chloe- “Charlotte” dress

Isobella & Chloe “Charlotte” dress

$ 35.99

 Le Pink- “Wicked” dress

Le Pink “Wicked” burgundy velvet dress

$ 34.99

 Good Lad- “Black & Silver” dress set

Good Lad “Black & Silver” dress set

$ 23.99

 Good Lad- “Red Plaid” dress

Good Lad “Red Plaid” dress

$ 28.99

 Good Lad- Red Plaid coverall

Good Lad Red Plaid coverall

$ 37.99

 Hartstrings- “Red Velvet” dress

Hartstrings “Red Velvet” dress

$ 19.99

 Hartstrings- “Trim a Tree” dress

Hartstrings “Trim a Tree” dress

$ 29.99

 le top Holly Elves pant set

le top Holly Elves pant set

$ 25.99

 le top- “Holly Elves” coverall

le top “Little Elves” coverall

$ 26.99

 le top- “Christmas Baby” coverall set

le top “Christmas Baby” coverall set

$ 44.99

 Baby Deer- “Gold” shoes

Baby Deer “Gold” shoes

$ 22.00

 Baby Deer- “Brown Velvet” shoe

Baby Deer “Brown Velvet” shoe

$ 20.00

 Baby Deer- “Brown” silk shoes

Baby Deer “Brown” silk shoes

$ 18.00

 Robeez- “Blue Snowman”

Robeez “Blue Snowman

$ 29.95

 Robeez- “Drummer Boy”

Robeez “Drummer Boy

$ 29.95

 Bows Arts- “Forest & Berries” velvet bows

Bows Arts “Forest & Berries” classic velvet bows

$ 10.00

 Bows Arts- Classic velvet bow

Bows Arts velvet bow

$ 10.00

 Bows Arts- Infant velvet bows

Bows Arts tiny velvet bows

$ 4.50

 Bows Arts- Big Classic Velvets

Bows Arts Big Classic Velvets

$ 15.00

 Bows Arts- “Silver Edged Organdy

Bows Arts “Silver Edged Organdy

$ 7.00

 Bows Arts- Sheer organdy bows

Bows Arts sheer organdy bows

$ 5.00

 Bows Arts- Toddler velvet bows

Bows Arts toddler velvet bows

$ 7.00

 Claver- “Christmas Squares” sweater

Claver “Gingerbread” sweater

$ 27.99

 Good Lad- Red sweater vest set

Good Lad red sweater vest pant set

$ 28.99

 Good Lad- Hunter vest set

Good Lad hunter vest pant set

$ 26.99

 Good Lad- “Gold & ivory” dress set

Good Lad “Gold & ivory dress set

$ 59.99

 le top- “Santa” dress

le top “Santa” dress

$ 29.99

 le top- layette “Rosette” dress

le top “Rosettes” dress

$ 26.99

 le top- Layette Santa suit

le top layette Santa suit

$ 29.99

 le top- “Winter Wonderland” pant set

le top “Winter Wonderland” pant set

$ 43.99

 le top- “Winter Wonderland” Snowflake dress

le top “Winter Wonderland” Snowflake dress

$ 42.00

 le top- Velour Santa hat

le top “Santa’s Little Helpers” velour Santa hat

$ 16.00

 Minibasix- Red & Black suit

Minibasix red & black sweater suit

$ 34.99

 Baby Deer- “Tweed” shoe

Baby Deer “Tweed” shoe

$ 20.00

 Baby Deer- Black dress shoe

Baby Dear black patent shoe with bow

$ 20.00

 Baby Deer- Black dress shoes

Baby Deer black dress shoe with flower

$ 26.00

 Baby Deer- Black patent shoes

Baby Dear boys black patent shoes

$ 17.00

 Baby Deer- Ivory dress shoe

Baby Dear ivory dress shoe with bow

$ 20.00

 Jefferies- Infant dress tights

Jefferies infant dress nylon tights

$ 8.95

 Jefferies- Lace Rhumba tights

Jefferies lace rhumba tights

$ 9.95

 Jefferies- Knee highs

Jefferies nylon knee highs

$ 6.00

 Jefferies- Lace socks

Jefferies lace socks

$ 6.00

 Jefferies- velvet tights

Jeferries velvet tights

$ 2.99

 Kitestrings- Berry turtleneck

Kitestrings crushed berry turtleneck

$ 7.99

 Kitestrings- Ruby plaid shirt

Kitestrings ruby plaid dress shirt

$ 9.99

 kitestrings- putty corduroy pants

kitestrings putty color corduroy pants

$ 15.99

 Kitestrings- Snowflake turtleneck

Kitestrings berry snowflake turtleneck

$ 6.99

 Kitestrings- Infant burgundy corduroy pants

Kitestrings burgundy corduroy pants

$ 14.99

 Willbeth- Infant white cardigan

Willbeth white knit infant cardigan

$ 26.00

 Willbeth- “Scalloped” cardigan

Willbeth “Scalloped” cardigan

$ 24.00

 Willbeth- “Boys” cardigan

Willbeth “Boys” cardigan

$ 30.00

 Will’beth- White bolero sweater

Will’beth short white bolero sweater

$ 28.00

 Will’beth- White knit cardigan

Will’beth white knit cardigan

$ 40.00

 Will’Beth- Floral cardigan

Will’Beth white floral embroidered cardigan

$ 28.00

 Will’beth- Knit white cardigan

Will’Beth white cardigan

$ 28.00

 Good Lad- White cardigan

Good Lad white floral cardigan

$ 30.00

 Adorable Cottons- Toy Soldiers pajamas

Adorable Cottons toy soldiers pajamas

$ 16.99

 Adorable Cottons- Christmas footie

Adorable Cottons Christmas print footie

$ 9.99

 Adorable Cottons- Christmas pajamas

Adorable Cottons Christmas print pajamas

$ 12.99

 Good Lad- “Brown floral” dress

Good Lad brown floral dress set

$ 29.99

 Peaches ‘n Cream black-velour dress with fur

Peaches ‘n Cream black velvet dress

$ 19.99

 Pediped- Naomi black

Pediped “Naomi” black

$ 46.00

 Pediped- “Liam

Pediped “Liam” tan loafer

$ 32.00

 Two turtle doves- knot dress

two turtle doves 2pc. “”””At the Plaza”””” knot dress

$ 44.99

 two turtles- Black & White striped vest

two turtles black and white striped vest

$ 14.99

 two turtles- Grey dress pants

two turtles grey dress pants

$ 18.99

 Wee Ones- Organza bow bands

Wee Ones double stacked organza bow bands

$ 13.00

 Wee Ones- Bow headband

Wee Ones organza bow headband

$ 10.00

 Wee Ones- Plaid headband

Wee Ones navy/red plaid headband

$ 8.00

 Wee Ones- Toddler satin bows

Wee Ones toddler size satin bows

$ 5.50

 Willbeth- “White” cardigan

Willbeth “White” cardigan

$ 24.00

 Pediped- “Naomi” black

Pediped “Naomi” black

$ 32.00