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Girls 4-6x

4-6x girls

Dresses, skirts, jeans, sweaters, and tees for your girl.

All Items

Here are all the products in this category:

 le top- Ecru leopard skirt set

le top ecru leopard print skirt set

$ 58.00

 le top- Ecru leopard coat

le top ecru leopard trim coat

$ 60.00

 Peaches ‘n Cream- “Uptown Girl” chenille pant set

Peaches ‘n Cream “Uptown Girl” chenille shirt and pant set

$ 75.00

 Totally trixie- “Paisley Dreams” dip dyed shirt

Totally Trixie “Paisley Dreams” dip dyed shirt

$ 28.00

 Totally trixie- Dip dyed corduroy pants

Totally trixie dip dyed corduroy pants

$ 44.00

 Totally trixie- tye dye mesh shirt

Totally Trixie tye dye mesh shirt

$ 26.00

 Peaches ‘n Cream- plaid dress

Peaches n Cream plaid dress

$ 70.00

 Peaches ‘n Cream- scotty chenille pant set

Peaches ‘n Cream red and black scotty chenile pantset

$ 46.00

 Sweet Potatoes dress-“Donna’s Dancing Dress”

Sweet Potatoes dress- Donna’s Dancing Dress

$ 70.00

 Peaches ‘n Cream black-velour dress with fur

Peaches ‘n Cream black velvet dress

$ 70.00

 Two turtle doves- knot dress

two turtle doves 2pc. “”At the Plaza”” knot dress

$ 90.00

 two turtle doves-velvet jacket

two turtle Doves victorian “”crazy quilt”” velvet jacket

$ 60.00

 Sweet Potatoes- velour swing dress

Sweet Potatoes 2pc. “”Winter Ball”” swing dress set

$ 52.00

 Tomkid- floral black velour dress

Tomkid floral black velour mock dress

$ 28.00

 Tomkid- Floral velour pant set

Tomkid black floral velour pant set

$ 48.00

 Kaboo- purple jacket

Kaboo purple jacket

$ 45.00

 Kaboo- velour top

Kaboo velour top

$ 28.00

 Kaboo- velour pants

Kaboo velour pants

$ 30.00

 Sweet Potoates- navy flower sweater

Sweet Potatoes navy flower sweater

$ 32.00

 Pervenche- Sailboat dress

Pervenche sailboat dress

$ 56.00

 Pervenche- lavender dress

Pervenche lavender dress

$ 68.00

 Flap Happy- animal sweatshirt

Flap Happy animal sweatshirt

$ 25.00

 Flap Happy- leopard leggings

Flap Happy leopard leggings

$ 20.00

 Flap Happy- purple leggings

Flap Happy purple leggings

$ 18.00

 Claver- white and pink hearts sweater

Claver white and pink hearts sweater

$ 52.00

 Sweet Potatoes- heart raglan tee

Sweet Potatoes heart raglan tee

$ 24.00

 Sweet Potatoes- black velour heart pants

Sweet Potatoes black velour heart pants

$ 24.00

 Two turtle doves- White poplin shirt

Two turtle Doves white poplin shirt

$ 26.00

 Peaches ‘n Cream- green floral pant set

Peaches ‘n Cream floral capri set

$ 52.00

 Sweet Potatoes- “Day Dreamin” Flutter tee

Sweet Potatoes “Day Dreamin” flutter tee

$ 26.00

 Sweet Potatoes- “Day Dreamin” Daisy print capri

Sweet Potatoes “Day Dreamin” daisy print capri

$ 29.00

 Bliss- Dragonfly cardigan

Bliss Dragonfly cardigan

$ 75.00

 Kaboo- Denim flower jacket

Kaboo denim flower jean jacket

$ 34.00

 Kaboo- Flower tee

Kaboo yellow-orange flower tee

$ 18.00

 Totally Trixie- Flower tee

Totally Trixie dip-dyed flower tee

$ 24.00

 Totally Trixie- Bright flowers shorts

Totally Trixie bright flowers drawstring shorts

$ 24.00

 Sweet Potatoes- Daisy hooded tee

Sweet Potatoes orange hooded tee with daisy

$ 26.00

 Sweet Potatoes- Pink daisy shorts

Sweet Potatoes drawstring pink daisy shorts

$ 20.00

 Sweet Potatoes- “Think Pink” denim skirt

Sweet Potatoes “think pink” denim skirt with heart

$ 26.00

 Peaches ‘n Cream- Lilac & green capri set

Peaches ‘n Cream lilac striped capri set with visor

$ 40.00

 Hartstrings- Blue shirt

Hartstrings “Patchwork Floral” blue shirt

$ 26.00

 Hartstrings- “Patchwork Floral” skirt

Hartstrings “Patchwork Floral” blue skirt

$ 32.00

 Peaches ‘n Cream- Hunter dress with fur

Peaches ‘n Cream hunter dress with white fur trim

$ 52.00

 Peaches ‘n Cream- velour floral dress

Peaches ‘n Cream purple velour dress with flowers

$ 74.00

 Kaboo- Striped tee

Kaboo navy and red striped shirt

$ 19.00

 Kaboo-Navy pants

Kaboo navy cuff pants

$ 27.00

 Hartstrings- Floral dress

Hartstrings floral white dress

$ 54.00

 Hartstrings- Grass print sundress

Hartstrings white grass print sundress

$ 40.00

 Cotton Caboodle- Pink mock shirt

Cotton Caboodle pink mock neck shirt

$ 26.00

 Cotton Caboodle- Black skirt

Cotton Caboodle black drawstring skirt

$ 24.00

 Cotton Caboodle- Purple skirt

Cotton Caboodle purple drawstring skirt

$ 24.00

 Tomkid- Lettuce edge turtleneck

Tomkid lettuce edge solid turtlenecks

$ 12.00

 Totally Trixie- Purple flowers shirt

Totally Trixie purple flowers shirt

$ 24.00

 Totally Trixie- Flower shorts

Totally Trixie flower drawstsring shorts

$ 24.00

 letop- Handkerchief kitty top & capri set

letop handkerchief kitty top & capri set

$ 46.00

 Sweet Potatoes- Black fur trimmed pants

Sweet Potatoes black pants with fur trim

$ 24.00

 Sweet Potatoes- Velour flower pant set

Sweet Potatoes velour flower pant set

$ 65.00

 Sweet Potatoes- Flower pant set

Sweet Potatoes blue velour flower pant set

$ 56.00

 Sweet Potatoes- Flower tank

Sweet Potatoes white and orage flower tank

$ 18.00

 Sweet Potatoes- Orange bee shorts

Sweet Potatoes orange bee shorts

$ 18.00

 Molly & Millie- Frog Denim skort set

Molly & Millie denim skort set with frog

$ 42.00

 Molly & Millie- Fuschia “Dress Up” skirt set

Molly & Millie fuschia “Dress Up” tank and skirt set

$ 42.00

 Molly & Millie- Starfish skort set

Molly & Millie green starfish skort set

$ 48.00

 letop- Flowers capri set

letop handkerchief flower capri set

$ 46.00

 letop- Butterfly Garden short set

letop butterfly garden short set

$ 46.00

 Sweet Potatoes- Princess tank

Relevant Products pink princess tee

$ 22.00

 Sweet Potatoes- Pink capris

Sweet Potatoes pink cotton capris

$ 22.00

 Sweet Potatoes- White butterfly tank

Sweet Potatoes white tank with flower embroidery

$ 24.00

 Kaboo- Hooded pink jacket

Kaboo pink hooded sweatshirt jacket

$ 24.00

 Kaboo- Pink tank

Kaboo pink flower tank

$ 16.00

 Kaboo- Pink skirt

Kaboo pink striped skirt

$ 17.00

 Hartstrings- Navy daisy capri set

Hartstrings navy daisy trim capri set

$ 56.00

 Flap Happy- “Crazy Daisies” dress

Flap Happy “Crazy Daisies” fit & flare dress

$ 22.00

 Flap Happy- “Citrus Cooler” sundress

Flap Happy “Citrus Cooler” print sundress

$ 26.00

 Flap Happy- “Beach Club” sundress

Flap Happy “Beach Club” print sundress

$ 26.00

 Hartstrings- Aqua heart sweater

Hartstrings “Sweet Harts” aqua heart sweater

$ 48.00

 Hartstrings- Plaid pink skirt

Hartstrings pink plaid pleated skirt

$ 32.00

 Hartstrings- Stretch denim jeans

Hartstrings stretch denim argyle applique jeans

$ 38.00

 le top- Scotty skirt set

le top polka dot scotty skirt set

$ 46.00

 le top- Pink leopard pant set

le top brushed knit leopard pant set

$ 44.00

 le top- Purple striped skirt set

le top “Ballet Kitties” purple floral striped skirt set

$ 44.00

 Sweet Potatoes- “Sherbet Shake” dress

Sweet Potatoes “Sherbet Shake” striped t-shirt dress

$ 36.00

 Sweet Potatoes- “Poochie Please” teal dress

Sweet Potatoes “Poochie Please” teal striped t-shirt dress

$ 36.00

 Flap Happy- Floral tee dress

Flap Happy “Patchwork Stripe” tee dress

$ 36.00