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Girls Dresses

Gorgeous girls dresses in all the latest styles.

Little Dragonflies carrys a huge selection of specialty girls dresses from all the greastest designers.Brands we carry include LePink, Good Lad, Hartstrings, Minibasix, Anita G, Baby Lulu, and Will’Beth.

Girls Dresses

Here are all the products in this category:

 Good Lad- “Pink Floral” dress

Good Lad “Pink Floral” dress

$ 34.99

 Good Lad- “Brown floral” dress

Good Lad brown floral dress set

$ 29.99

 Good Lad- Burgundy velour dress

Good Lad burgundy velour dress set

$ 26.99

 Good Lad- “Gold & ivory” dress set

Good Lad “Gold & ivory dress set

$ 59.99

 Ooh La La Couture- Boleros

Ooh La La Couture boleros

$ 20.80

 Good Lad- Pink & white crochet dress

Good Lad pink & white crochet flower dress

$ 39.99

 Hartstrings- “Plaid Tidings” cardigan

Hartstrings cardigan with plalid trim

$ 23.99

 Hartstrings- “Plaid Tidings” dress set

Hartstrings plaid scotty dogs dress set

$ 37.99

 le top- layette “Rosette” dress

le top “Rosettes” dress

$ 26.99

 Hartstrings- infant “Vintage Rose” dress

Hartstrings “Vintage Rose” printed sateen dress

$ 29.99

 Peaches ‘n Cream- Pink floral linen dress

Peaches ‘n Cream pink floral linen dress with cardigan

$ 27.99

 Will’beth- Pink rosette cardigan

Will’beth pink cardigan with rosettes

$ 26.00

 Baby Nay- “Dandelions” dress

Baby Nay “Dandelions” onesie dress

$ 35.99

 Baby Lulu- “Small Wonder” skirt set

Baby Lulu “Small Wonder” skirt set

$ 49.99

 LePink- “Little Heartbreaker” pink dress

LePink pink floral mesh dress

$ 57.60

 Peaches ‘n Cream- Butterflies dress

Peaches ‘n Cream butterflies jumper

$ 25.99

 Peaches ‘n Cream- mauve dress

Peaches ‘n Cream mauve dress

$ 24.99

 Peaches ‘n Cream- red velour dress

Peaches ‘n Cream red velour dress with fur

$ 19.99

 Peaches ‘n Cream- Aqua floral silk dress

Peaches ‘n Cream aqua floral silk dress

$ 39.99

 Sweetie Pie – “Pink Floral” dress

Sweetie Pie “Pink Beaded” dress

$ 75.00

 Sweetie Pie- “Pink & ivory” dress

Sweetie Pie “Pink & ivory” dress set

$ 49.99

 Sweetie Pie- “Pink Lace” dress

Sweetie Pie “Pink Lace” dress set

$ 65.00

 Sweetie Pie- “Pink Ruffled” dress

Sweetie Pie “Pink” dress

$ 39.99

 Sweetie Pie- Rosebuds dress

Sweetie Pie rosebuds and organza dress

$ 79.00

 Le Pink- “Wicked” dress

Le Pink “Wicked” burgundy velvet dress

$ 39.99

 Le Pink- Lola dress

Le Pink “Lola” long sleeve dress

$ 53.99

 Lida- “Pink Scroll” dress

Lida “Pink Scroll” dress

$ 55.00

 Lida- “Pink” sparkle dress

Lida “Pink” sparkle dress

$ 55.00

 Lida- “Rosette” dress

Lida “Rosette” dress

$ 65.00