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Here are all the products in this category:

 Jefferies- “Lace” foootless capri

Jefferies “Lace” footless capri

$ 8.95

 Jefferies- “Fancy Lace” socks

Jefferies “Fancy Lace” socks

$ 7.00

 Jefferies- “Insects” socks

Jefferies “Insects” socks

$ 6.00

 Jefferies- Knee highs

Jefferies nylon knee highs

$ 6.00

 Jefferies- Lace Rhumba tights

Jefferies lace rhumba tights

$ 9.95

 Jefferies- Lace socks

Jefferies lace socks

$ 6.00

 Jefferies- Footless tights

Jefferies microfiber footless tights

$ 10.00

 Jefferies- Infant dress tights

Jefferies infant dress nylon tights

$ 8.95

 Jefferies- Bright ribbon socks

Jefferies bright ribbon trim socks

$ 3.99

 Jefferies- “Misty” sock

Jefferies “Misty” sock

$ 7.00

 Jefferies- “Sheer Ribbon Tutu” socks

Jefferies “Pink Lace” socks

$ 9.00

 Jefferies- “Sheer” edged sock

Jefferies “Sheer” edged sock

$ 7.00

 Jefferies- Navy argyle socks

Jefferies navy argyle booties

$ 4.00

 Jefferies- novelty socks

Jefferies truck and tool socks

$ 4.50

 Jefferies- Pocketbook soscks

Jefferies pocketbook applique socks

$ 5.50

 Jefferies- Sports socks

Jefferies novelty sports socks

$ 4.50

 Jefferies- triple roll socks

Jefferies triple roll socks

$ 2.99

 Jefferies- Gingham applique socks

Jefferies gingham socks

$ 4.50

 Jefferies- Boys Christening socks

Jefferies boys white christening socks

$ 8.95

 Jefferies- Girls Christening socks

Jefferies girls white christening socks

$ 8.95

 Jefferies- Sheer butterflies socks

Jefferies sheer butterflies novelty socks

$ 3.99

 Jefferies- “Maryjanes” socks

Jefferies “Maryjanes” socks

$ 5.00

 Jefferies- Butterfly socks

Jefferies bright butterfly socks

$ 4.40

 Jefferies- Classic turncuff socks

Jefferies solid color turncuff socks

$ 1.99

 Jefferies- Cream lace socks

Jefferies cream lace trim socks

$ 5.00

 Jefferies- Crochet flower socks

Jefferies flower socks

$ 2.49

 Jefferies- Flower socks

Jefferies bright flowers applique socks

$ 2.99

 Jefferies- Bright butterflies socks

Jefferies bright butterflies appliques socks

$ 2.99

 Jefferies- Bright flowers socks

Jefferies bright flowers applique socks

$ 3.49

 Jefferies- All Star socks

Jefferies All Star white socks

$ 4.50

 Jefferies- “Girls Camo” socks

Jefferies girls “Camo” 2 pack

$ 5.99

 Jefferies- “Horseplay” socks

Jefferies “Horseplay” sock set

$ 7.00

 Jefferies- “Camo” set

Jefferies “Camo” 2 pack

$ 9.50

 Jefferies- velvet tights

Jeferries velvet tights

$ 2.99