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Haute Baby Spring 2015


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Here are all the products in this category:

 Will’beth- White romper set

Will’beth boys white romper set

$ 52.00

 Willbeth- “White” shortall

Willbeth “White” shortall

$ 55.00

 Willbeth- Floral christening gown

Willbeth white floral christening gown

$ 55.00

 Will’beth- White rosette shoes

Willbeth white rosette shoes

$ 25.00

 Willbeth- “Delicate Christening Dress

Willbeth “Delicate Christening Dress

$ 70.00

 Will’beth- Romper set

Will’beth white romper set

$ 52.00

 Will’beth- boys shoes

Will’beth white pique shoes

$ 20.00

 Willbeth- Smocked gown set

Willbeth smocked christening gown set

$ 75.00

 Will’Beth- Floral cardigan

Will’Beth white floral embroidered cardigan

$ 28.00

 Will’beth- Knit white cardigan

Will’Beth white cardigan

$ 28.00

 Will’beth- White bolero sweater

Will’beth short white bolero sweater

$ 28.00

 Will’beth- White knit cardigan

Will’beth white knit cardigan

$ 40.00

 Willbeth- “Boys” cardigan

Willbeth “Boys” cardigan

$ 30.00

 Willbeth- “Scalloped” cardigan

Willbeth “Scalloped” cardigan

$ 24.00

 Willbeth- “White” cardigan

Willbeth “White” cardigan

$ 24.00

 Willbeth- Infant white cardigan

Willbeth white knit infant cardigan

$ 26.00

 Willbeth- White smocked dress

Willbeth white smocked dress set

$ 75.00

 Jefferies- Boys Christening socks

Jefferies boys white christening socks

$ 8.95

 Jefferies- Knee highs

Jefferies nylon knee highs

$ 6.00

 Jefferies- Lace Rhumba tights

Jefferies lace rhumba tights

$ 9.95

 Jefferies- Lace socks

Jefferies lace socks

$ 6.00

 Jefferies- Infant dress tights

Jefferies infant dress nylon tights

$ 8.95

 Jefferies- Girls Christening socks

Jefferies girls white christening socks

$ 8.95

 Wee Ones- Bow headband

Wee Ones organza bow headband

$ 10.00

 Wee Ones- Organza bow bands

Wee Ones double stacked organza bow bands

$ 13.00

 Sweetie Pie Collection- “Jacket Dress

Sweetie Pie Collection “Jacket Dress

$ 75.00

 Baby Deer- “Ivory” shantung shoes

Baby Deer “Ivory” shantung shoes

$ 19.00

 Baby Deer- “Pleated Floral” shoe

Baby Deer rosette shoe

$ 20.00

 Baby Deer- “White Eyelet” sandal

Baby Deer “White Eyelet” sandal

$ 19.00

 Baby Deer- “White” leather sandal

Baby Deer “White” leather sandal

$ 26.00

 Baby Deer- “White” shantung shoe

Baby Deer “White” shantung shoe

$ 18.00

 Baby Deer- Ivory dress shoe

Baby Dear ivory dress shoe with bow

$ 20.00

 Baby Deer- White oxford

Baby Deer white broadcloth oxford

$ 17.00

 Baby Deer- White patent shoe

Baby Deer white patent shoes with bow

$ 20.00

 Baby Deer- White leather shoes

Baby Deer white leather flower shoes

$ 26.00

 le top “White Bear” footie

le top “White Bear” footie

$ 44.00

 le top “White” romper set

le top “White” romper set

$ 48.00